Monday, August 9, 2010

Why didn't the circus managers want their human cannonball to quit?

Because they wanted to fire him every night! ha ha ha ha ha

Hey all....I just thought I would take a moment to pass on this fabulous give away‎ from a dear friend of mine. Besides being an absolute "hoot"(the way this girl shares stories is always memorable), she is an accomplished writer( you can buy her book on Amazon), mother of two (Walker Texas Ranger and Taylor), wife of one (Utah humor), Princess (or at least so she says), and I guess now Survival Maven? So check out her blog at, and you might get a chance to win a four-pack of circus tickets....I like the circus, it happens to be one of the only places in the world where I feel more is going on or is noisier than my own household....and there might be some promise of red noses to go along with the tickets!
So anyway, it doesn't take much time to make a new friend, or support a fellow bloggerette, and you might be rewarded greatly for doing so! Following are the details:

12 Days left to enter the drawing!

I'm raffling 4 four-packs of tickets to the The Greatest Show On Earth® coming to Salt Lake City at the Energy Solutions Arena from September 22–26, 2010.
Winners will be announced after the drawings on August 16, when circus tickets go on sale to the public.

THREE ways to enter: 1. Follow Me on my blog, 2. Grab my book off Amazon, Love Boat Lottery by Randayle Greyson (email me the receipt as your entry) 3. Refer someone to my blog, and you’ll both be entered!

Happy Winning!See More
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jen said...

You crack me up! Thanks for the shout-out. I'll save a red nose just for you. (and I seriously doubt the circus is louder)