Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Almost Famous

So....last week I taught a cupcake class, hosted by Thanksgiving Point and Today's Mama/Utah Mama( a go to site for moms whether you live in Utah or not). The class attendees were all local Bloggers. So lucky me, they are blogging about it! I have been busy visiting all my new friends blogs and have been thoroughly impressed at the sheer talent of these gals.
Now here is the kicker....a couple of these gals are having giveaways this week....giving away a free cooking class.....at Thanksgiving Point. ...to any class you want to go to....but of course you would choose to come to one of mine....right?
First up is Marcel Walker, photographer. Her site is beautiful. her pictures are deep and inventive. And she made my cupcakes look dreamy! If you are wondering what I am holding in the picture of myself, it's a vial of vanilla beans (not a skinny microphone). Check her out!

Next up are the Crafting Chicks, six friends who share a wide array of crafting projects. If you visit this site, make sure you have some time. I was in awe of the cute stuff they had been up to- everything from jewelry, mod podge, easy recipes, hair clips...and so much more. Look at what they had to say about me

The Crafting Chicks

And Finally, Make it Work Mom, a site dedicated to moms "who want to maximize their limited time with their greatest assets." Her site is full of great stories and helpful ideas for any mom whether she is a working mom, stay at home mom, single mom, or whatever. Visit her right away.

So, thanks to Today's Mama, who sent all these cool gals my way.


Reeni said...

I wish I lived nearby! Even in the next state - I'd drive for hours to meet you and take one of your classes! And eat your heavenly cupcakes...

Unknown said...

It was such a fun night...I'm going to post soon, so watch for that! You are so talented...thanks for sharing that talent w/all of us!

Camille said...

I'm behind on my blog following, but thanks for the link! :) You were amazing and I felt somewhat capable of baking my own cupcakes after spending time in your class! :) thanks again!

Stephanie said...

It was so great to meet you Sara and to be a part of the cupcake extravaganza you put on for us! Those cupcakes (as well as your helpful tips) were all delicious. I think I'm the only one who ate them all before leaving :)

p.s. those creamy potatoes/peas look so good. I might have to make those this week...

p.p.s. how in the world did that wedding go for you? I remember you had some serious baking commitments shortly after our class. I hope it all turned out!