Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

It is not often anymore that I post anything personal. But I had such a great time with my family tonight at Pumpkin Point Farms. It all starts back in the spring, when I planted my pumpkins, but used old seed...did you know you shouldn't use old seed?...dugh...I think common sense told me so...but I was out to lunch that day. Anyhow, although my pumpkin vines grew normally, they did not produce even one bad.

So, even though I haven't been to a pumpkin patch for years, we went tonight. The patch was huge, with a large selection of numerous varieties and wheel barrels to get them around. . There is a cute corn maze for the kids, that isn't hard or scary but fun! There were plenty of opportunities for photo ops-like 10 tractors, bales of straw and a red horse trailer. My pictures turned out so great...but to protect the littles..I only can show you pics of the Bigs. Owned and operated by a family, they offer not only a fun evening but great prices. You see, with my four children, my husband, myself and Grams picking out pumpkins, we had quite a few....and my kids were picking out whoppers! I started to worry a bit that we were going to have to take out a loan to pay for all of them. But be they gave us a great deal, as well as the rest of my family that came along. So I just had to pass the word on....cause I love you all like that.

11900 South 3600 West Riverton, UT 84065 -

(801) 254-7836Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Even Grams walked the maze

My Dad always could pick out the best ones!Rob loading up the wagon...but the do have wheel barrels handy. My brother...the pumpkin head

Oh yea, and me!


Reeni said...

I love going to the pumpkin patch! How fun!

jacyo said...

Thanks for the tip! I took my family here last night and we had so much fun. And it was cheap - score!

Sara said...

I am so glad you went...great deals and good fun...what more could you ask?

Sara said...
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