Friday, January 23, 2009

Sara Voortmeyer's laptop bleeped it's last bleep early Monday morning and quietly passed on. It was surrounded by computer geeks and an inconsolable Mrs. Voortmeyer. The dear little laptop began it's fight for life early in November. It lived a good life but in the end could give no more. Fortunately the geeks were able to harvest it's hard drive before all was lost. Services were held on site, and the laptop was laid to rest peacefully in the recycle bin. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to Mrs. Voortmeyer so that she can adopt a beautiful new Mac from Steve Jobs. (Just kidding, don't send me money...just your condolences.)


Kelsey@inspirationthief said...

I went to your cooking class on Tuesday night. I made the Blintz pie and potatos for dinner this evening. It was a success! Thanks for the recipes.

I would love it if you would post your Chicken Pot Pie recipe that you talked about in class.

May your computer rest in peace.

Sara said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the comment. I will post that recipe for you. Watch for it in the next few days.

Brook said...

I hope you have been able to adopt a nice reliable laptop :)

On a side note-I talked to Mindy this week. The three of us are going to get together this summer! We need to catch up on the last 6 years.