Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Do You Eat When You Are Starving To Death?

Ok, ok, please no comments or e-mails about the children starving in Africa...I know- and I really do care. However, I am in the middle of my mid-Tuesday crisis. You see, every year (about this time) I get a little panicky. Why you ask? Well, unlike most women who go through this little panic state in the spring due to the fact they have a swimsuit to slip on in a few weeks......I worry about my ski boots! Yes, I said ski boots, and especially pants. I hate to wear those bulky bibs, and they make such cute pants...but the cute pants are not made for a fatty little rump. So, really, I live for the snow...I know something could really be wrong with me...but I do. But as I age (of course I do not age at the same rate as the rest of you (ha, ha), I notice that skiing becomes a little more difficult if I am not in prime condition. And man ski boots feels so much better when you are in shape. Thus, the reason I am hungry (took me a little long to get to the point) back to the sensible diet and daily exercise routine......but I am soooo hungry.
Just the mere talk of chocolate cake with a decadent frosting sends me into a tailspin. And I swear, when I am watching what I eat...it seems that all I can do is watch what others eat! One of the worst things about being adept at cooking for me is that I always crave a multi ingredient snack (that means I get bored with apples, celery, and carrots). That is were I get into trouble. So I am reaching out to you, my silent friends of the cyber world...what do you sensibly snack on?

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Mindylou said...

Cereal, always cold cereal when I need to lose weight(which is about every nine months). Sounds like you need to start finding some healthy and delicious treats for us all to make ;).