Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall Frezy

Son: "Mom, what's for dinner?" (as he throws his back back down)
Me: "Dinner? It's only four!!"
Son: "I what's for dinner?"
Me: "Food" (I answer this half because I have no idea, and half beacuse I know if I offer any idea of what I might concoct that one of the four children will wail out in pain because he/she can't bear to eat something so terrible)
Son: "What kind of food?"
Me: "The kind of food you eat"
Son: "Whatever"
Here we are again. It's that crazy time of year where we are trying to re-balance our schedules. Wondering where we might find the time to pull out the fall and winter attire and still make it to all our various extra curricular activities. And really...who has time to cook? If you are anything like me, all you can think about as you are whipping around town, is what could there possibly be that is edible in the fridge? But don't fret, these are the moments you invent your best recipes-you know...the ones that everyone asks you for the recipe and you coolly reply: "I just whipped it up". So relax....resist the urge to order pizza or Chinese and create something. Here is a great recipe for a zesty change up on the Chinese egg roll. I like to serve these with a salad for dinner. Make extras, because they are fantastic cold (although they don't remain crispy) and are a fun substitute for a sandwich for lunch. This recipe is totally simple...but don't tell my husband.

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