Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I have been asked by a few of you what the secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookie is. My answer...there is no secret. All of us have our own idea of what the perfect cookie is. So I decided to give you a blanket answer and hope you find what you need. I figure that you might be able to tweak your own favorite recipe with the following information...or you might enjoy one of my recipes. As for the age old question: to semi sweet or not to semi sweet That again is up to you....please let me know how your next batch turns out!

Cookie 101
What makes cookies soft and chewy?
High moisture content does. So the butter, eggs and brown sugar are important. Brown sugar contains molasses so it contributes to the moisture. A little extra flour will help keep the moisture from evaporating. Big dollops of dough make softer cookies. It is super important not to bake your cookies for too long, because of course, that will dry them out. I like to remove the cookies when the edges are browned and the center is still cream colored. Remember, that as long as the cookies remain on the baking sheet that they are still cooking. I like to cool my cookies on the baking sheet, this almost always ensures soft and chewy cookies.
What makes a cake-y cookie
Too much liquid from egg or milk will make it cake like- this is because it makes the dough more elastic and they steam and puff more. If I want cake like cookies I usually just add an extra egg-same goes for brownies.
What makes a cookie crisp-y cookie?
You would want to reduce the moisture holding ingredients, allowing a bit more of the moisture to evaporate. This does not include the butter, because that is what makes the dough spread as it melts. To make them crisp make sure that you cook them at a lower temperature for a bit longer- this allows the dough more time to spread. Then bake them until they are golden on the edge and inside.

**remember that the key to a great recipe is proper measuring. Don’t scoop your flour, rather spoon it into the measuring cup.
**Make sure that your baking sheet has had time to cool between each batch (unless you want them crispy) due to the fact it will cause the butter fat to melt faster.
**Remember that margarine is a large part water. Sooo…this will make your cookies spread.
**Don’t forget to pack your brown sugar.
**Sometimes our ovens are calibrated correctly. Learn your oven’s ability, maybe put in a little thermometer to check it out.

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