Friday, May 9, 2008

If you give them an inch...

They will eat the whole box. So now the cereal must go into hiding.
I was raised in a home where the treats were not readily available. My mom would buy Girl Scout cookies, Twinkies, Capri Suns and such, and "hide" them in her closet so she could divvy them out for our lunches. I thought when I was a child that this was terrible, not only because I wanted to eat it all but because there was a faint taste of perfume in all of my lunches. But as an adult I realize she would have had to take out a second mortgage to keep treats in the cupboard.
So, I of course, in that eternal struggle to not be just like our moms, have tried in vain not to hide treats and no avail. It is no secret that we are really the fattest nation in the world..right? My theory: COSTCO. Now don't get me wrong, I love Costco just as much as everyone else. Where else can you go and spend an entire paycheck on things you never knew you needed. I mean who doesn't get excited over a five pound can of nacho cheese? But really, if you are going to buy a 25000 piece box fruit snacks, you should expect them to all be eaten by the next morning. If we feel like we have an endless supply of food we will eat it. Thus the fat. So I truly do try not to buy a lot of sugar snacks, sugar cereal, chips, etc. for this reason. Besides, If I hide it in my closet, I know I will just eat it!
So I had another class last night, you can usually count on me having a pretty good story the mornings following a class. When the cats away....the mice will tear up the house, eat all the food, and go to bed with their clothes on! OK, it's not always quite that bad, but the good cop IS on duty. know I bought a whole bunch of cereal yesterday-not even sugar cereal. They ate one and a half boxes last night! Now come on, this family isn't starving! I left pizza for them- which they ate. But honestly one and a half boxes?! I've never been a big cereal eater so I really don't get it.
So back to my over eating theory: 1. We eat what is available to us like mindless zombies. 2. We eat too much when we are bored and tired. 3. We eat for emotional reasons, and clearly my family missed me last night!

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