Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad mom

My eldest, she doesn't particularly love to eat breakfast. My mom gave me the fantastic advice to make her a smoothie daily. Great idea, I make smoothies pretty much daily (yogurt, fruit, juice) and it solved the problem. Yea! I also partake of the morning boost and I find it quite rewarding to blend up that daily shake and toss my kids a vitamin, knowing they will go to school nourished.
Soooo...yesterday, I blended up my daily concoction and left the kitchen to perform some mundane morning ritual, leaving my daughter to drink her shake in peace. When I came upstairs again, she informed me that it was an extra delicious smoothie today. I informed her that it must have been the perfectly ripe bananas. I grabbed my smoothie and took a swig just as she sucked up the last sip through her straw...hmmm.... interesting flavor, zesty, sparkly. Sparkly? Why? Orange-banana-strawberry juice, banana, fat free yogurt, frozen berries...there's no sparkle. I checked the expiration on the juice (June 12), I opened it up, tasted it. OOOh yes, sparkly, bad sparkly, fermented sparkly. "See you mom," as she bolts out the door.
AAAAAgh! I just sent my daughter to school possibly inebriated? Either that or she is going to have a really bad bout of food poisoning in a couple of hours. Well I didn't get the call that she was sick so I figure that she had an extra special "happy" day yesterday. I wonder if the teachers noticed?

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